Toby GantMy love for photography started when I was young. I would look at our family photo albums over and over again. There was something incredible to me about freezing a moment in time. When I grew older I studied commercial photography under the late James Cox. I loved everything about it. The years I spent in the darkroom and the field were the best in that period of my life. The understanding of light combined with the ability to control how it is recorded is an incredible feeling. My favorite part of film and darkroom work was having the control to reproduce an image of a scene the way I saw it. After finishing school, I had no access to a darkroom. I grew frustrated with the inconsistent results from the local photo labs. Photography had lost its magic for me.  Then there was digital. This was a “game changer”. Through modern DSLRs and software, I was able to regain the control and the magic. My passion to create has never been stronger. You can view my portfolio at my site www.tobygant.com. Contact info: Email: tobygant@icloud.com

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  1. Thanks for liking my post about La Sagrada Familia. Your photography is quite beautiful and you obviously have a lot of passion for taking pictures…can’t wait to see more!

  2. Thanks for visiting. Your photos are great. I have taken pictures forever but I am really just learning how. Look forward to more on your blog. Will follow.

  3. Thanks for liking my post today on Tide Line Still Life. I really appreciate it, and I have thoroughly enjoyed perusing your work.

  4. Thank you so very much for liking my recent posts on Tide Line Still Life. Your work is positively stunning, so it is a genuine compliment that you would enjoy my images. Best, Maggie

  5. Hi Toby, thanks for taking time to like my post “Just add backlight”. I took a quick look at your gallery images and with that I just had to follow you. That is a good body of work!

    Diced Imagery project

  6. Hi Toby. Your photos are great! I hope I will learn something from you! And thanks for the like on my blog. If you ever want to tell me what I can do to improve a photo it will NOT hurt my feelings!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your pics are wonderful and I’ll have to take some time to scout around. As note, those pics of the Ice-Cold Frozen Adventure were taken using my iPhone, so don’t hold me too accountable. There are better ones taken with my Nikon on my site. Best regards.

  8. Hi, hi! Thank you for visiting my blog, and for the “like” on my recent post. I am happy you enjoyed it, and I appreciate your visit to my site. I enjoyed your blog so very much. Your photographs are beyond amazing. They are so breathtaking; I think I could sit and look at them forever.

  9. What a wonderful surprise to visit your blog. Amazing images. I look forward to following your journey, and hearing some of your story. Good luck to you with your passion and art. And thank you for visiting Wilder Man on Rolling Creek. Peace, T

  10. thanks for stopping by and the like. I enjoyed looking at your shots of so many of the beautiful waterfalls in Georgia. I have been to several of them. It looks like you are making your way through all of them. Best Wishes!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your photography! And I know what you mean about moments in time – glad you’ve reconnected with the magic. Your magic is creating some inspiring nature shots!

  12. Thank you for stopping by my site, and for taking the time to like one of my posts. I am very happy to have discovered yours, your images are beautiful. Please feel free to stop by again, I will certainly do the same. Best wishes from Japan.

  13. Thanks for dropping in on my recently established blog. Love the photos of the waterfalls; they remind me that we have some fabulous waterfalls here in Wales (UK). So when I expand my blog beyond Cardiff I now have another idea of a direction to follow.

  14. I understand your dilemma Toby. I started with black and white film which gave me compete control from capture to print, but it was color transparency film for publication which gave me pause. I had no control over it after capture. With digital, we have it all!

  15. I just found your blog and am gobsmacked – such beautiful images. I get lost in them, or perhaps I find myself in them. Thank you so much for capturing the beauty of this planet and sharing with us all. You’ve a new “follower!”

  16. I’m really enjoying your photographs so much. The sheer variety and all the nuances of the waterfalls are fascinating. I think I’ll be back soon to explore some more. Lovely pictures.

  17. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the like!
    I went through your water fall posts on your main page – what wonderful scenes you have captured. I am looking forward to seeing more – following as of this morning!
    Thanks again – come by again any time!

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