Minnehaha Falls in Autumn

Minnehaha Falls Autumn-Toby Gant-2014Minnehaha Falls near Lakemont, Georgia is one of my favorite falls to visit in north Georgia.  It would be difficult to tire of such a terrific place. Best of all, I always return home with some great images.

I captured this image with my 16-35mm f/4, tripod mounted and using a circular polarizer. Thanks for stopping by as always.

13 thoughts on “Minnehaha Falls in Autumn

      • We’ve had some rain mixed in with an unusually warm autumn (80 degrees here the other day!) It’s raining today, a welcome sound on the metal roof. Doesn’t take long for the grass to start showing green! The question is now how much snow pack we will get in the mountains over the winter, and will we get the normal amount of winter rain to offset the next summer dry season. I’m not sure there is a normal for weather here anymore.

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