Intimate Cloudland

Intimate CloudlandThis image of a tree rooted in the rocks at the base of the falls is one of my favorites from my short adventure. When I first saw it I immediately visualized it in black & white. The textures of the tree and stones were raw and edgy. The shadows were well-defined and dark. I feel this capture perfectly demonstrates the volatile landscape that surrounds you at the park. You can find a high-resolution image of this shot and many more on my site at And as always please feel free to leave your comments.

Wolf Creek Falls

Wolf CreekIt was another crazy week at work. I called my boss Thursday night and let him know I needed a personal day on Friday. I got up before the sun and my supportive wife packed a snack to help me prepare for my well deserved adventure. I went back to Vogel State Park to visit Wolf Creek Falls. They are actually known by several names: Wolf Creek Falls, Trahlyta Lake Falls, and Trahlyta Falls. By whatever name you chose to call them, they are well worth a visit if you find yourself near Blairsville, Georgia. The falls are short hike from the main park along the side of Trahlyta Lake. I arrived as the park opened and shot until late morning and was not interrupted by a single person. The isolation was just what I needed. There was no phone, no chaos, no corporate stuff. It was just me and my camera in a beautiful and tranquil place. I have to find a way to go more often. This image was captured with my  105mm VR micro lens. I know macro or micro lenses are designed for close-up photography. But, at the 105 mm focal length, I challenge you to find a sharper lens. You can find more images of Wolf Creek Falls at my website:

My Day Off

Blue SpringI took the day off work Friday. The long hours and stress are wearing me down like never before. I woke about 4:30 am and drove down to Blue Spring State Park with a friend. They have a wonderful boat tour that takes you along the St. Johns River. They basically take you in search of wildlife for a little over 2 hours. The trip did not disappoint. There was wildlife everywhere. I’ve already begun going through my captures for the morning and I can see now that I will be busy in my off time posting images. I have several captures that I already love and I have not even taken the images off the other card. It was a wonderful day for shooting. I hope everyone else has a great day behind the glass as well.

Little River Road – Smoky Mountains

Life has been keeping me away from my photography. I want nothing more than to grab my camera and get some shots of anything. Other obligations have to come first for now. Even though I am unable to get away, I can go back in my Lightroom catalog and search for gems from old adventures. I found a gem tonight from our last trip up to the Smokies. The image is beautiful in full color. However, after all the time that has passed when I captured it, I still recall visualizing the shot in black & white. The instant I converted it I knew I had made the right choice. It is stunning. I dare say one of my favorite black and white images to date. And it’s been sitting on my harddrive simply waiting to be rediscovered. Should you find yourself unable to get away for new adventures, take a look in your catalog. You just might have some adventure exploring the past. Image captured with my 16-35mm f/4. You can see more of my images of the Smokies at

Black Point Wildlife Drive (again)

Black Point Wildlife Drive in B&WI am still working through my captures from my last visit to Black Point Wildlife Drive. The drive now has a gate that opens itself. ( I’m not certain what triggers it’s opening. It opened at a random time well after the sun had risen.) While I was not so patiently waiting for entry, I got out of the Suby to watch the sunrise. I was able to capture this image. Not a bad way to start the day. The image was captured with my 16-35mm f/4 and converted to black & white using Adobe Lightroom 3. Minor adjustments were made using Nik Silver Efex Pro 2. More of my images from Black Point can be seen on my site

Big Talbot Island in Black and White

Big Talbot Island State Park - Florida

Image of a marsh at Big Talbot Island State Park

I recently found an opportunity to visit Big Talbot Island State Park again. My favorite photography is black and white photography. I know opinions vary drastically on the topic. Personally, I feel that black and white images are far more revealing than their color counterparts. Please don’t take what I am saying the wrong way. I truly love color photography. But, black an white images to me represent a truer form of our art. Please share your thoughts. You can see more images of Big Talbot Island State Park on my website.