The Interloper

There is a new addition to our back yard. There is a new cardinal and hen that have joined our existing couple. They have not had a very warm reception from the existing birds. Red, my first cardinal, seems to particularly dislike him. My wife has dubbed the scrappy new bird “the interloper”. I think he’s stuck with the name. I also think Red needs to get accustomed to him being here because the interloper seems to have no intention of leaving the feeder anytime soon.

My Red Bird

CardinalMy quest for the perfect Cardinal shot continues. Note the “bait” on the left of the screen. Seed is much cheaper than a new 600mm lens. I like this shot of him. The tuft of feathers on top is head is comical to me. I’ve done a little reading on cardinals. They are “mostly” monogamous. But, that is not uncommon among many species of birds. His mate is more camera-shy than he is. I’m going to have to be a little more patient with her. But, I hope to win her over. She is an incredible animal also. As always you can find my work on my site at