Minnehaha in Autumn

Minnehaha Falls-Toby Gant_DSC0646_2013

The colors of autumn have been in full effect across northern Georgia this week. I set out on an adventure to capture some images at some of my favorite locations. I look forward to sharing some of my favorites in the next few weeks.

This image was captured using my 24-75mm f/2.8, tripod mounted and using a circular polarizer (CPL). Thanks as always for stopping by.

Becky Branch Falls – Georgia

Becky Branch Falls-Toby Gant-0452I slipped away to Becky Branch Falls near Clayton, Georgia over the weekend. It’s a very short hike up a relatively steep grade. (It is definitely worth the tiny bit of effort. Be careful on the wooden bridges near the parking lot if it has been raining. I’ll spare the details.) I spent over an hour at the falls and was not disturbed by another human for the duration of my visit. I will most assuredly revisit these falls. Especially if I am in the mood to spend some time in solitude in beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

This image was captured with my new 24-70mm f/2.8. It is steadily working into more and more of my workload. I am very pleased with it. As always, thanks for stopping by.

I Need An Adventure

Wolf Creek FallsI’ve been busy with everything associated with life for the past couple of weeks. Between my schedule and rainy weather I just have not been able to find the time to get outside. Today was a productive day indoors. I was able to put some time in on the new site and get a few minutes in with Lightroom. I love working in post. To me it is as much a part of the image as the actual capture. Although I usually only make minor modifications, it is important to adjust the white balance, sharpness and crop if necessary. All of those things are critical when you are trying to recreate the image that you visualized at the time of capture. I guess it is just a carry over from my days when I worked in an actual darkroom. It is just part of my process. But, back to my original thought. I really need to get outside with my camera in hand. It has been too long. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for a great spot in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Remember to follow me at my new domain: http://tobygant.com. Thanks for stopping by.