A Different Perspective – Holcomb Creek Falls – Georgia

Holcomb Creek Falls-Toby Gant-2014Climbing over a couple of boulders and a fallen tree gave me a very different perspective of Holcomb Creek Falls. I think pool of collected water formed from the constant spray of the falls lends itself to create an interesting composition.


I captured this image using my 16-35mm f/4, tripod mounted and using a circular polarizer. Thanks for stopping by.


20 thoughts on “A Different Perspective – Holcomb Creek Falls – Georgia

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    • Thanks for the kind words, Amy. I’m not sure I know what I enjoy the most, the exploring or the capture. Either way, I can’t seem to get enough of shooting falls.

      • *laughing* Me too! I am waiting for the weather to warm up more, because I like twilight light to shoot. It is still so cool in the evenings, warmer during the day yes, but when that sun begins to set, cool. Especially being by water I want to be comfortable. So, although there will be more bugs, I will wait for warmer evenings. (((HUGS))) Amy

  2. Love this photo! thank you for finding my Blog…from my perspective… I see the parallel of this creek to life…ever changing…always finding a way to flow..no matter what obstacles come “its” or “our” way..” sometimes resting…sometimes running… yet always connected to the whole…very cool….Heart to Heart Robyn
    Looking forward to following you!

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