Exploration Just for the Sake of It

Chimney Rock Branch-Toby Gant-2014What began as a well thought out plan to capture an image of Denton Branch Falls – Georgia, turned unexpectedly into a long hike exploring in North Carolina. The directions that I had from the web, were less than accurate. The roads were not all marked. The GPS names for the roads did not match the names of the roads that did have signs. So, I simply drove as far as I could drive down the main road. It lead to a small parking area and a trailhead. I grabbed my gear and started hiking. I explored the area and took a few shots. It was all about exploration at the time. I didn’t know what I would find.  It wasn’t until I returned home and looked at the GPS coordinates that I realized that I hadn’t even been exploring in Georgia. But, that I was actually in North Carolina for the entire hike. I guess no one has ever felt the need to mark the state line with a sign.

Needless to say. I never found Denton Branch Falls. If anyone has some good directions they would like to share, I’d love to visit the falls. Otherwise, they’re likely to move down my list. I guess I’ll look for them on a day that I wake feeling the need to explore and drive in circles.

After reviewing my EXIF data with my GPS coordinates, I discovered that this is an image of Chimney Rock Branch – North Carolina just before it reaches the Tallulah River. I captured it using my 24-70mm f/2.8, tripod mounted and using a circular polarizer. Thanks as always for stopping by.

24 thoughts on “Exploration Just for the Sake of It

  1. Beautiful! Today is so hot and sere here in So Cal with Santa Ana winds whipping the landscape, throwing dust into the sky. Oh how I wish I was beside that water in those lush woods right now.

    • Thanks, Robert. I’ve never been to Silver Falls in Oregon. But, it is on my list. There are several falls in the Columbia River Gorge that I would love to shoot. When I do find an opportunity to go, I hope to at least make a week of it.

  2. Follow Hwy. 76 West for 8 miles to Persimmon Rd. Turn right on Persimmon Rd. and go 4.1 miles to FS70 on the left. Follow FS70 for 6.4 miles (pavements in 1.5 miles) to the Denton Branch Rd. on the right. Drive up the right side of Denton Branch .3 miles to a primitive camping area and park here.
    Denton Falls is located in the Southern Nantahala Wilderness near the community of Tate. The trail is a fairly easy walk and well worth it. To reach the falls cross Denton creek and follow the old roadbed upstream. At 2/10ths of a mile the road forks. Take the right fork as it turns into a path. Follow for about 800′ to the base of the falls.

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