Upper Yosemite Falls – California

Upper Yosemite Falls-Toby GantI captured this image of upper Yosemite Falls in the mid-afternoon. (Anyone that follows my blog knows that I prefer to shoot falls in the golden hour. ) I think it is hard to get a terrible image at Yosemite at any time of day.


I captured this image using my 24-70mm f/2.8 tripod mounted. Thanks for stopping by.


20 thoughts on “Upper Yosemite Falls – California

    • Thanks. Love your blog by the way. I haven’t found the opportunity to spend any time in that part of the world. But, your blog is makes it look very interesting.

  1. Am I happy to see this! The last time I was here to paint (if I recall it was 2 y. ago) the fall was dry – and then it becomes a different landscape. Thanks for reassuring me:)

  2. Great shot. Thanks for stopping by my blog. We went to Yosmemite 3 years ago – not a drop of water to be found, all the waterfalls were dry so nice to see what it actually should look like.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I was happy to see the falls when we went. In my research it said that Spring is the best season to see the falls. I guess it is “hit or miss” during other seasons. I hope you are able to see them on your next visit.

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