Sea Lions – Village of La Jolla, California

Sea Lions-Toby GantSan Diego was one of the destinations on my recent trip to California. I captured this image of sea lions enjoying a rest on the beach in the Village of La Jolla, California.

I captured this image using my 70-200mm lens handheld. Thanks for stopping by.

26 thoughts on “Sea Lions – Village of La Jolla, California

    • Thanks, Christopher. Yes, it was a road trip and an adventure. My wife and kids had never been to the west coast. We flew into San Diego. Spent some time there before heading to San Juan Capistrano, Los Angeles, Yosemite, San Juan Bautista and San Francisco before returning home. Everyone had an incredible time.

  1. A magnificent photo that captures the grandeur of the ocean spray and the resting sea lions. I’m not sure village is the right term for La Jolla. UCSD is located there, which offers the country’s greatest research lab in marine biology. Also, there is the Salk Institute, designed by architectural visionary, Louis Cahn. For a special photographic treat, and a feel for the infinite, I cannot recommend the Salk Institute too highly.

    • Thanks, Robert. I’ll put the Salk Institute on the agenda the next time I visit. As far as “Village of La Jolla” is concerned, I would have to agree with you. I think it has obviously grown since it was named. They must just keep the name out of tradition.

  2. La Jolla where Doc went to collect on a low tide! Sorry, reference to Steinbeck and his Cannery Row / Sweet Thursday. Lovely!!! I so much want to go there… Hopefully one day

    Great shot!

    • One thing you cannot capture in a photograph is aroma. These happy little sea lions were a pretty sight playing and laying on the rocks. However, they didn’t smell pretty in the least. I might attempt it if I had a bar of soap with me to wash my hands in the surf.

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