Bad Branch Falls – Georgia

Bad Branch Falls gallery-Toby Gant-

I just added a couple of new images to my gallery images. This image of Bad Branch Falls near Lakemont, GA is one of my favorite captures from 2013. Please feel free to share your thoughts.

I captured this image using my 16-35mm f/4, tripod mounted and using a circular polarizer. You can see more of my gallery images at . Thanks for stopping by.

27 thoughts on “Bad Branch Falls – Georgia

    • Ann, I don’t think that it is rude at all. But, no I did not put it there. This scene is exactly the way I found it. Although, I have been known to wade through streams and rivers to remove carelessly discarded water bottles or soda cans. And every once in a blue moon if the current is too strong or cold, I’ve been known to remove them in post. (Something I don’t like to do.)

      • I know what you mean. Trash in the wilderness is not only ugly, it’s jarring. Being a dog owner, I always have pocketsfull of those plastic grocery store bags when I’m out and about and one of them invariably ends up with a collection of cans, bottles and empty cigarette packs.

      • Thank you! I look at others’ work and then start comparing…well, you know how that story goes. I really look forward in seeing your work, and learn from you too. Oh, yes, I learn from my peers, as I see something perhaps I wouldn’t think of doing, and then say, why not? Every Blessing to you, Toby. I look forward in getting to know you! xxoo, Amy

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