Poole’s Mill Park – Georgia

Poole's Mill-Toby GantI captured this image of a local park a couple of weeks ago. Snow is not very abundant in the Southeast. So, it was a nice change of pace for some of us. The park is easily accessible to anyone.

This image was captured using my 24-70mm f/2.8, tripod mounted and using a circular polarizer. Thanks for stopping by.

Toccoa Falls – Georgia

Toccoa Falls-Toby GantWhile modern cameras and software provide us with tools to capture some wonderful images. There are certain situations you simply cannot work around. Yes, there is HDR. But, even then it still has it’s limitations. I found myself in such a situation yesterday. The sun was shining directly on the top of the falls and the cliff face as I was trying to capture Toccoa Falls. There are extra limitations here because you have to enter the falls through a gift shop whose hours are 9-5. This automatically places our friend the sun high in the sky. Which also means harsh and in some cases extreme lighting conditions. I will attempt this shoot again on a cloudy day at some point. It is a beautiful place and easily accessible. Regardless of the lighting, I had a wonderful time and I was able to walk away with a couple of interesting captures.

I captured this image using my 16-35mm f/4, tripod mounted, using a circular polarizer and a graduated ND. I hope everyone was able to get out over the weekend and get some captures of your own. I look forward to looking a them. Thanks for stopping by.


Bad Branch Falls – Georgia

Bad Branch Falls gallery-Toby Gant-

I just added a couple of new images to my gallery images. This image of Bad Branch Falls near Lakemont, GA is one of my favorite captures from 2013. Please feel free to share your thoughts.

I captured this image using my 16-35mm f/4, tripod mounted and using a circular polarizer. You can see more of my gallery images at http://tobygant.com/Gallery . Thanks for stopping by.

My Trifecta

DeSoto Falls Winter-Toby Gant-2014

When shooting outdoors some captures can be a real challenge. There can be many factors that make or break a shot. It is not like shooting in the studio where you can control and program every facet of your operation like it is almost an assembly line. (Your subject excluded of course.) You have to constantly account for changes in lighting, shadows and weather conditions.

For me I am always looking for the perfect mix of even lighting, good weather and an interesting subject. (My trifecta.) I was rewarded with such wonderful conditions recently while visiting DeSoto Falls in Georgia’s Chattahoochee National Forest following a rare winter snowstorm in this part of the country.

I captured this image using my 24-70 mm f/2.8, tripod mounted and a circular polarizer. Thanks as always for stopping by.