Little Amicalola Creek – Georgia

Little Amicalola Creek-Toby GantI spent a little time at Amicalola Falls near Dawsonville, Georgia yesterday. I was able to get some good shots. But, I’m still working on getting a “gallery” shot of the falls alone.

I captured this image using my 50mm f/1.4.  I had to use my headlamp to achieve focus because it was almost completely dark at the time of the capture.


15 thoughts on “Little Amicalola Creek – Georgia

      • Thanks, Toby…(love your name!) I appreciate the compliments. Still waiting to see just where this blog idea may go…

        I really, really wish I had your photographic “eye” and talent! Everything is sooo perfect!

        Thanks for the comments, and have a great weekend.

        “EE” 🙂

      • So will I…(lol.) Thanks very much for the kind words, Toby! Stop in as you have the time.

        Enjoy your day,

  1. Very talented and thanks for liking my trees! It’s great when someone can take a pic after setting up the camera instead of cropping and fixing afterwards…I’m a cropper and fixer.

    • That’s not a bad thing at all. There are “Master Printers” just like there are “Master Photographers.” Ansel Adams did some of his best work in post. One of his most famous images was “Moonrise over Hernandez, NM.” He said himself that the exposure was a wreck. The shot wasn’t planned and he had little time to capture the image. With that said, the image we appreciate today is mostly Ansel working his magic in the darkroom. For me capturing the image is great. But, the real fun is the experience in it’s entirety.

      • Yes, you are correct…I just find it fascinating when one is able to take the time to set up the photo, know their camera, and take an interest in that. It is not often that I’ve taken a shot and been able to leave it just the way it is…those of course, have been purely accidental. All so much fun though!

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