Fog on the Falls

Mud Creek Falls-Toby Gant-2The temperatures dropped below freezing yesterday in Sky Valley, Georgia. The water was a bit warmer resulting in a thick fog rising from the water. (I’m not sure how much warmer the water was. I had to wade to the other side of the creek for a different perspective and it felt cold as ice.) Fog doesn’t always translate well in photographs. I’m still not certain how I feel about the fog in this particular capture.


I captured this image using my 16-35mm f/4, tripod mounted and using a circular polarizer.  Thanks for stopping by. I hope everyone is having a blessed and wonderful holiday.



24 thoughts on “Fog on the Falls

    • It was an incredibly peaceful morning. I spent 2 hours there, just me and my camera. I would suggest the experience to everyone. There is nothing else like it for me.

      • Absolutely agree, there is something about shooting water that puts me in a great, peaceful place. Look forward to seeing more.

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