Dicks Creek Falls – Georgia

Dicks Creek Falls-Toby GantI explored Dicks Creek Falls near Cleveland, Georgia this morning. I really enjoyed the tranquil surroundings. And let me say, it is an incredibly beautiful location. Nobody else was around. It’s always a great thing for a photographer when you don’t have to compete for prime real estate.  I was able to capture some good images also. I will be sharing more of my images from this great location in coming days. I hope everyone is able to get outdoors and explore their part of the world this weekend.

I captured this image using my 24-70mm f/2.8, tripod mounted and using a circular polarizer. Thanks for stopping by.


14 thoughts on “Dicks Creek Falls – Georgia

  1. Hey Toby, this is a beautiful shot and location. I’m wondering if you would consider it to be accessible for a photographer in a wheelchair? I’m always interested in shots with water. Thanks.

    • Nat, Dicks Creek is not really wheelchair accessible. It requires a very short hike down a trail that I would be reluctant to recommend attempting. There is only bare earth. You would probably fair better at Mud Creek Falls. Tahoe Road goes almost directly to the falls. You might want to send someone out to investigate prior to attempting it. I really did not pay attention to the terrain from the roadway to the falls. The falls are an extremely short distance from the roadway. (34°59’1″ N 83°20’1″ W) Another suggestion would be Cullasaja Falls. There is no formal parking, just a place to park on the shoulder of the highway. But, from the pulloff on the shoulder you are directly overlooking the falls. (35°7’3″ N 83°16’15” W). Thanks also for bringing your situation to my attention. I visit lots of falls and parks in this part of the world. I’m going to be a bit more attentive and I’ll indicate if I think they would be wheelchair accessible in the future. Best of luck and kind regards.

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