Crow Creek Autumn

Crow Creek Autumn-Toby Gant

I captured this image of Crow Creek Falls last week. There were far more gold and red leaves than my visit in early October.

I captured this image using my 24-70mm f/2.8, tripod mounted and using a circular polarizer. I hope everyone has an opportunity to get outside this weekend. I’ll be looking forward to looking at your captures. Thanks for stopping by.

20 thoughts on “Crow Creek Autumn

  1. Toby, it’s unfair to tempt with such beautifully serene and scenic pictures when I am especially craving to be at a place like that and I can’t. Lol

    • Rex, I’m certain there is beauty all around you as well. The part I think we are all challenged with is taking the time to stop and explore it. Thanks for stopping by my blog and by the way, your blog is incredible. I’ll be following.

      • I know you have visited me a number of times but me being unchallengingly the most laziest person alive, I have visited your fantastic site this late. I know I am wrong, I know! 😀 I won’t be away from now on.

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