Silver Run Falls – North Carolina

Silver Run Falls-Toby Gant_DSC0611_2013

I was able to explore Silver Run Falls near Cashiers, North Carolina over the weekend. We had perfect weather. I hope to return to the area when it has full-blown fall colors.

I captured this image using my 24-70mm f/2.8, tripod mounted and using a circular polarizer. Thanks for stopping by.

17 thoughts on “Silver Run Falls – North Carolina

    • Thanks for the advice, Neihtn. Unfortunately there are a few people that feel the need to take my images and use them for commercial purposes without requesting my permission. I am dealing with 3 such situations since September of this year alone.

      • It really is a shame. I gain so much inspiration from all of you. I enjoy sharing my images and hearing back from everyone. In return, I find my images advertising hotels and real estate companies with no regard of my time and efforts. It is so frustrating. Oh and another good one… A law firm! You know they know it is not legal to take someone’s intellectual property.

  1. Beautiful shot here! It seems like a great place to explore. Thanks for visiting my site and come back at anytime.

    Better Days…

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