Becky Branch Falls – Georgia

Becky Branch Falls-Toby Gant-0452I slipped away to Becky Branch Falls near Clayton, Georgia over the weekend. It’s a very short hike up a relatively steep grade. (It is definitely worth the tiny bit of effort. Be careful on the wooden bridges near the parking lot if it has been raining. I’ll spare the details.) I spent over an hour at the falls and was not disturbed by another human for the duration of my visit. I will most assuredly revisit these falls. Especially if I am in the mood to spend some time in solitude in beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

This image was captured with my new 24-70mm f/2.8. It is steadily working into more and more of my workload. I am very pleased with it. As always, thanks for stopping by.


38 thoughts on “Becky Branch Falls – Georgia

      • Well I need help with my images. I’ve just given away all my darkroom equipment which was pretty sad even though I knew I wasn’t going to use chemicals any more. I just don’t feel the same way about my little digital camera as I do about my film SLR. Somehow the process is just too quick ‘n’ easy! But your photos are very inspiring…

      • There is no substitute for the darkroom. But, labs are not an option for people like you and me. You and I both know you need to be able to burn and dodge yourself or it will not be correct. Enter Adobe’s Lightroom. It’s the next best thing for me. I can still burn and dodge. And I don’t have the hassles of the darkroom. I need to look online and see if anyone makes developer scented air freshener. (: Welcome to the digital frontier.

    • Not at all. I’d love to see them. My setup is fairly basic. I always shoot falls tripod mounted. (I try to get low when possible to get a different perspective.) I use a wide angle lens. (In my bag I have a 16-35mm f/4 and a 24-70mm f/2.8.) I always use a circular polarizer to remove the glare from water and rocks. I shoot at ISO 100-200 and to get the flow from the water I make sure my exposures are at least 1 second. Other than that, shoot early or late to avoid shadows. You can also get some great shots if it is a very overcast day. If you are shooting in mid-day light and there is no cloud cover, the shadows will be very apparent. Hope that helps a little.

  1. Wow! GA sure does have a lot of falls! My grandchildren live in Georgia but I missed all these. I’ll need to track some down next visit. And speaking of visits, thanks for stopping by my blog. Fabulous photos you have here, Toby

    • Thank you, Fabulous! The funny thing is that I have barely even scratched the surface. Who would have thought. The Blue Ridge Mountains are riddled with falls. I want to visit them all so I can get out and explore more of Tennessee and the Carolinas. Have fun exploring and thanks for stopping by my site.

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