Wolf Creek – Georgia

Wolf Creek-Toby Gant-0391

I just explored Wolf Creek and the Falls below Lake Trahlyta in Georgia’s Vogel State Park. It is an incredibly beautiful park. This mountain lake is stunning. There is plenty of hiking in the area if you enjoy a walk. There is also canoe rentals on the lake.

I cannot express enough how great the move to a full frame DSLR has been for me. If you are on the fence and shoot landscapes primarily, I would highly recommend making the jump.

I captured this image using my 16-35mm f/4 tripod mounted with a circular polarizer. As always, thanks for stopping by. You can see my gallery images at: http://tobygant.com/gallery/


24 thoughts on “Wolf Creek – Georgia

  1. your photos are stunning…one of my weaknesses is water and you seem to take a great many water shots…I look forward to seeing more! By the way thank you for visiting and liking my post…I’ve been taking photos since October of 2012 and while I’ve much to learn I’m enjoying it immensely…I’m sure there is much I will learn by visiting here!

    • Mike, my preference actually lies in the situation. There are situations where I reach for my trusty D300s. I currently still have my old D200 and will shoot with it from time to time. For wildlife and sports shooting my D300s is still my go to camera. But, for landscapes wider is better in most situations. My 16-24mm f/4 on my 300s becomes a 24-36mm. On the 800e it is a 16-24mm. On many of the falls that I visit there are platforms the trails lead you to. Most require that you stay on the platform. This can pose a real problem for you if you do not have the correct focal length. In some cases with the 16mm on the DX body I would have to take multiple exposures and stitch them in Photoshop. At the same falls with my FX body and same lens, I will be able to capture the image with a single exposure. Obviously that cuts my time in post down to nothing. I am able to make any minor adjustments that need to be made in Lightroom on 99% or more of the images that I capture. Hope that helps explain it a bit better. And I still (very much) love my DX bodies.

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