DeSoto Fall in Summer

DeSoto Falls-Toby Gant-0023

Yesterday was the first time I visited upper Desoto Falls in the summer months. I believe it may be even more stunning with the saturated green colors and flowers everywhere you look.

I captured this image using my new 24-70mm f/2.8 and full frame camera. It will be a great addition to my camera bag. Thanks for stopping by.


4 thoughts on “DeSoto Fall in Summer

  1. Hi, I am enjoying your photography. I have a question for you. How do you put your logo on the bottom of your photos? I have thought doing that since I post so many of my photos on my blog. Thanks! Jenny

    • Jenny,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Personally, 97% of my workflow takes place in Adobe Lightroom. I never post my full resolution images. I shoot in RAW. I export the original RAW files as JPG files at a greatly reduced dimensions. I add my logo as a watermark as part of the process. In Lightroom it is as simple as checking a box and selecting the logo. You can even anchor it to any corner or place it in the center of the shot if you wish. Hope I helped a little. Regards, Toby.

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