Supermoon Tonight

Supermoon IBT - Toby Gant

There will be another super moon tonight. My gallery image of supermoon was just published in Australia’s International Business Times at They include suggestions on how to get a good image of the supermoon. There is a slideshow showing some super moon shots that may inspire you.

As far as my personal recommendations go, I suggest using a long focal length and of course a sturdy tripod. There is not very much room for error on exposure. You need to be precise. The contrast between the illuminated moon and shadows in the scene will be wide. If you are not certain you can hit the correct exposure, I would recommend bracketing your exposure. Time will be limited as the moon will rise quickly. And most importantly I would recommend placing something in the scene to show some perspective. A building, structure, person or statue will give some perspective to the size of the moon. Scouting your location in advance will be crucial. I suggest The Photographer’s Ephemeris. It will help you get to the exact spot  you need to be and what time you need to be there.

You can see my super moon shot and other gallery images on my site at Thanks for stopping by.