Looking Glass Falls – North Carolina

Looking Glass Falls - Toby Gant -2013

I had a great time exploring in the Carolinas over the long holiday weekend. I captured this image of Looking Glass Falls near Brevard, NC in Pisgah National Forest. It was a challenging shoot due to the time of day and the large crowds. But, with a little patience I was able to get the shot while waiting on the clouds to pass in front of the sun to diffuse the bright afternoon light. Thanks as always for stopping by.

21 thoughts on “Looking Glass Falls – North Carolina

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      • Thank you for those coordinates. I’ve saved them in my map program. After looking at the map, I see I was in the northern part of the forest…Mitchell Cnty. I see it’s just south of the Blue Ridge Pkwy. I’ve tried 3 times to travel thru, and it’s always been closed at some point. It sure is a beautiful state

  2. I viewed a few of your waterfall photos…they’re beautiful! Waterfalls are so refreshing to look at.
    Thank you for visiting my photo blog! I’m glad that you liked my new post, “Red Skies At Night…”. Please visit again soon!

  3. Lovely shot! Thanks from reminding me of NC and Brevard… used to spend summers there at music camp and festival. I think we were too busy practicing to venture outdoors!! Our loss.

      • Thanks very much for visiting my website. I’m really glad that you felt interested enough in my photos to head over there – and even more pleased that you liked what you saw!
        I’m getting more and more into B&W and have finally started to ‘see’ in mono which was a pretty satisfying breakthrough. I’ll certainly be doing more of it and am currently trying to find time to ‘develop’ a couple of B&W images for my blog.

  4. I live about 20 miles from Looking Glass so I often see it on postcards in the local shops, but this is one of the best photos of it I’ve seen. The light coming through the leaves make them such a vibrant GREEN. Gorgeous!

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