Bad Branch Falls – Georgia

Bad Branch Falls - Toby Gant -


It has rained for the last two weekends following my trip to Florida. I’ve wanted to get outdoors to shoot so badly. I found an opportunity Saturday afternoon and decided to visit Bad Branch Falls. I’d never visited the falls. In my research over the past few weeks, I learned that the falls can be less than spectacular if there hasn’t been rain recently. That obviously would not be a problem for me on this trip since we have seen almost nothing but rain for the past few weeks. After a two-hour drive, I arrived at my destination. I fastened on my backpack and headed for the trail when a soft rain started falling. Rain or not, I was committed to this endeavor even if I wasn’t able to get a single decent image. After a short hike, I stood in the rain and shot these beautiful falls for over an hour. I had to constantly wipe the rain from my polarizer. I was soaked and so was my camera. But, thanks to quality weather seals on my camera, neither of us gave out. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun in the rain. I hope everyone was able to get outdoors and create a memory this weekend. Thanks as always for stopping by.

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