Horsetrough Falls – Georgia

Horsetrough Falls - Toby Gant -2013

I visited Horsetrough Falls in the Chattahoochee National Forest near Blairsville, Georgia yesterday. It is part of the headwaters for the Chattahoochee River. It is a beautiful drive to get to the Upper Chattahoochee Campground camping area where the trail starts. It is a short and easy hike to get to the viewing platform that is a good distance away from the cascading falls. That of course explains why this image was captured using my 70-200mm f/2.8 instead of the 16-35mm f/4 that I usually use for my landscape images. I hope everyone has an opportunity to get out and explore over the weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

Looking Glass Falls – North Carolina

Looking Glass Falls - Toby Gant -2013

I had a great time exploring in the Carolinas over the long holiday weekend. I captured this image of Looking Glass Falls near Brevard, NC in Pisgah National Forest. It was a challenging shoot due to the time of day and the large crowds. But, with a little patience I was able to get the shot while waiting on the clouds to pass in front of the sun to diffuse the bright afternoon light. Thanks as always for stopping by.

Brown Pelican – Saint Augustine, Florida

Pelican - Toby Gant -2013

I captured this image of a brown pelican in St. Augustine, Florida. Our guide pointed out that he is so colorful because he is wearing his mating plumage. The pelican’s appearance is comical to me. There is just something about pelicans that make me smile. Thanks for stopping by.

Bad Branch Falls – Georgia

Bad Branch Falls - Toby Gant -


It has rained for the last two weekends following my trip to Florida. I’ve wanted to get outdoors to shoot so badly. I found an opportunity Saturday afternoon and decided to visit Bad Branch Falls. I’d never visited the falls. In my research over the past few weeks, I learned that the falls can be less than spectacular if there hasn’t been rain recently. That obviously would not be a problem for me on this trip since we have seen almost nothing but rain for the past few weeks. After a two-hour drive, I arrived at my destination. I fastened on my backpack and headed for the trail when a soft rain started falling. Rain or not, I was committed to this endeavor even if I wasn’t able to get a single decent image. After a short hike, I stood in the rain and shot these beautiful falls for over an hour. I had to constantly wipe the rain from my polarizer. I was soaked and so was my camera. But, thanks to quality weather seals on my camera, neither of us gave out. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun in the rain. I hope everyone was able to get outdoors and create a memory this weekend. Thanks as always for stopping by.

Into the Mist

Into the Mist - Toby Gant -2013I captured this image of sailboats heading out to sea during the Sunrise Birding & Nature Boat Excursion at this year’s Florida’s Birding and Photofest. My favorite part of the image   is the two boats that have almost disappeared in the early morning mist. What you cannot see in the image are the four other sailboats that are in the frame but, they had already been completely engulfed by the fog. Thanks as always for stopping by.