Base of the Falls – Fall Creek Falls State Park

Fall Creek Fall - Toby Gant -2999

If you visit Fall Creek Falls state park near Pikeville, Tennessee, you’ll have a great view of the falls from the overlook. But, if you take a few minutes to take the short hike from the top of the falls to the base, you won’t be disappointed. The short trail takes you through an incredibly beautiful heavily wooded forest. And at the end of the trail you come out at the base of the falls of course.

When you make it to the base of the falls you (And your camera.) are showered by a fine mist from the falls. Wanting to show the flow of the falls, I set my shutter speed to a full second or more. But, after only a second, my polarizer was saturated. I had to shoot and dry the filter over and over again. I was concerned momentarily that I would not be able to get a clear image at all. But, looking around at this incredible place that is serene and volatile at the same time. The experience alone was enough even if I didn’t get a single capture. Thanks for stopping by.

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