Serenity Now!!!

Tulips - Toby Gant

So, I was trapped in the house for some reason that I cannot remember now. I simply wanted to go outside and photograph anywhere. But, that option was not available. What else can an outdoor photographer do other than capture an image indoors? I decided to get some practice in with my trusty speedlight. My wife had some tulips on the table that became my subject. I ended up having a great time shooting and in post and I learned much along the way. I actually left the comfort of Lightroom and ventured into CS5 and learned some new techniques. And the most surprising part of the entire process was that the image actually makes an excellent wallpaper for my work PC. Now when I am at the office and stressed, I can set it as my wallpaper and think about relaxing at home.

The image was captured with my 50mm f/1.4 set at f/2 using a SB800 bounced off a white ceiling. You can find some of my gallery images on my site at:




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