Beneath Minnehaha Falls – Georgia

Minnehaha Falls - Toby Gant -2665

My plan this morning was to visit two waterfalls that I have not visited (Panther Falls and Angel Falls) near Lakemont, Georgia. When I arrived the National Park Service had the entrance gated and closed. I was not leaving the area without a new gallery shot. So, I went to Minnehaha Falls that was about a half hour away on a tiny ice-covered, one-lane dirt road. (Obviously since I am able to post this blog, I didn’t slide off the side of the mountain and die in a fiery car crash. But, I did test the limits of the Suby.)


Walking up the trail to the falls, I decided since I have shot the falls twice before that I would find a different perspective. Beneath the falls I found exactly what I was looking for. There are two small patches of earth beneath the falls that will accommodate a grown man and a tripod. They were easy enough for me to get to and difficult enough that no one else attempted the feat while I was there. So, with no competition for real estate, I had a most pleasant morning shooting until I was content. And for my efforts I was rewarded with a couple of gallery images.


This image was captured using my 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII with a circular polarizer and it was tripod mounted. I recently updated my gallery images. You can see them on my site at



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