Wildlife in the GSMNP

Cades Cove - Toby Gant -2316Wildlife is abundant in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We have yet to drive the Cades Cove Loop Road and not see plenty of wildlife. The usual suspects are deer and turkey. We’ve seen elk, coyotes, wolves and bobcats in other areas of the park.

I captured this image of a whitetail buck on the loop road. I used my 70-200mm VRII at 200mm shooting from the Suby using my Puffin Pad.

The Puffin Pad is a great tool to use when shooting wildlife. As long as you shoot from your vehicle, most wildlife will not even be remotely concerned by you. It’s when you get out and set up a tripod they tend to want to go elsewhere. The Puffin Pad was indispensable to me on my vacation between visiting both Cades Cove and Black Point Wildlife Drive.

I have recently added new images to my gallery. You can see them at http://www.tobygant.com/tobys-gallery-images/. Thanks for stopping by.


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