Holiday Adventures

Cades Cove - Toby Gant -2364It was an incredibly busy holiday for my family. We visited friends and family back in Florida. I was able to break away and spend a day at Merritt Island. As usual it did not disappoint. I was honestly shocked at how much wildlife there was at this time of year.

After leaving Florida and returning home to Atlanta. It was late in the evening. My wife checked to see if there would be snow in the area. She found that it was snowing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I’d been up since the early morning hours, it was already 10 PM EST. We headed out to see snow. We stayed in the park until early afternoon and then returned home. We I was finally able to go to bed, I had been up for more than 36 hours straight.

But, it was all worth it. I was able to spend time in a couple of my favorite places on the planet with the people I care about the most. I got some great shots. And I had some much-needed time away from my normally hectic life. I simply cannot wait to go back.

I hope everyone else was able to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. I have plenty of images to share and will be doing so over the next few weeks. Thanks as always for stopping by. Please feel free to leave your thoughts.


One thought on “Holiday Adventures

  1. Really like this photo; it reveals a lot of emotions. It’s like a summary of almost everything nature can give: from earth to sky.

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