Minnehaha Falls Adventure

Minnehaha Falls - Toby Gant -1002Eleven straight days in the office afforded me the day off today. I took advantage of my good fortune and headed north to Lakemont, Georgia. My goal was to visit Minnehaha falls when they were not as busy as they were on my first attempt. I was successful. I got there early and it was cold. The conditions ensured that I would be the only person at the falls all morning long. It was a beautiful morning and I was able to capture some great images.

This image was captured with my 16-35mm f/4. Feel free to leave comments. Thanks as always for stopping by. You can see more images in my gallery at http://tobygant.com.

Raper Creek Falls in B&W

Raper Creek Falls in B&WI had an extraordinary time shooting the Raper Creek Falls several days ago. I am still reviewing my captures in post. I found myself editing this image tonight in LR4 and it is truly amazing how powerful it is. I am able to accomplish everything I was able to do in the darkroom. The process is much more convenient than mixing chemicals and working in the dark. I still look back on those days with a little nostalgia. I am also grateful for the experience. But, I wouldn’t want to go back. My digital workflow keeps my interest just like the darkroom did. And it also makes extra time for other things.

This image was captured with my 16-35mm f/4, tripod mounted with a circular polarizer. Thanks for stopping by. You can see more gallery images on my site at http://www.tobygant.com/tobys-gallery-images/.

Gurley Creek Falls – Georgia

Gurley Creek Falls - GeorgiaSome family members came up to spend the week at the Enota Mountain Retreat near Hiawassee, Georgia. With it being so close to home we went up to spend part of the day with them Saturday. I started looking online for some falls in the area that I had not visited. I planned to slip off for a couple of hours with my camera. My wife immediately said that there were falls at the retreat and I was sceptical about what I would find there. The falls were a short hike from the campground and I thought there couldn’t be any harm if it was a bust. So, I mounted my camera and trusty 16-35mm on my tripod and slung it over my shoulder. (I put my 50 mm in my pocket for good measure.) And we headed up the mountainside.

After a short and fairly steep hike we found the falls. Much to my surprise, the falls were impressive. The light was terrible in the mid-afternoon. But, most of the falls were in the shade. With some creative composition, I was able to get a couple of great shots.

This image was captured with my 16-35mm f/4, tripod mounted with a circular polarizer. Thanks as always for stopping by and feel free to leave your thoughts. You can see other gallery images on my site at http://tobygant.com.


Raper Creek Falls – Georgia

Raper Creek FallsI made an opportunity to get out this morning. I wanted to visit somewhere I had not been before and after a little research, I selected Raper Creek Falls near Clarkesville, GA. I could not find clear directions to the location. So, I emailed the only 2 sets of directions that I could find to myself and headed out. There were no signs or markers along the drive. So, I found myself wandering in search of the falls. When I thought I was near I put down the windows in the Suby and listened for the falls. I was able to locate them by listening for falling water. There was no real trail or path to the falls. But, I wandered down a wooded ravine toward the noise and went directly to them.

The falls were stunning, the air was clean and fresh, and I was very much all alone for the duration of my visit. Even though I got a late start on the morning, the lighting was incredible. Between having heavy overcast clouds and a dense wooded canopy, the light was soft and diffused. I spent about an hour leisurely shooting and soaking it all in. It was an incredible morning.

This image was captured using my 16-35mm f/4 and a circular polarizer. Thanks as always for stopping by. Please feel free to leave your thoughts or comments. You can follow my blog and see gallery images on my site at: http://tobygant.com.