Amicalola in Black & White

Amicalola in black & whiteAnyone who has followed my blog for any length of time knows that I am a real sucker for the black and white images. (Otherwise known as grayscale, for you purists that are out there.)

The black and white image offers so much visually. The texture, contrast and tones are simply intriguing to me. I find that I look at black and white images much longer than I do their color counterparts. There is a certain mystery for me. After enjoying the scene as a whole and then analyzing the textures in the scene, I often find myself analyzing the image to try to determine what time of year or what time of day the image was captured. Sometimes I try to visualize the image in color. I understand everyone has their own take on this subject. Please don’t take it the wrong way either. I love and enjoy color images. But, I must say that there is just something a little more magical about a good black and white image.

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