Tennessee Aquarium Adventure

Tennessee AquariumLast weekend we revisited the Tennessee Aquarium in downtown Chattanooga, TN. It was great fun for the kids. They were much younger the first time we went and I believe they got much more out of it this time. I did also. The last time we visited I only had a small point and shoot camera in my arsenal. This time I had the right tool for the job. It can be extremely challenging shooting through 3 inch “bullet-proof” glass. Not only that, if it is curved glass don’t even waste your time. There were so many people at the aquarium shooting with full flash straight into glass. They would chimp from the back of their cameras and stand their puzzled. I truly wanted to help them all. But, I think my wife would not have been pleased if I’d interrupted our family time. I had a great time and got some great shots. I hope you are all out getting some captures this weekend. This image is of a Japanese Sea Nettle. It was captured with my 105mm VR micro. You can follow my blog at its new location http://tobygant.com.

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