Mimosa Blooms

Mimosa BloomsWell, my quest with the cardinals has ended in utter disaster. In my attempt to lure them into the yard with a feeder, I lured a song bird to a premature death thanks to my wife’s orange tabby cat. Thankfully, the victim was not one of my cardinals. But, I have retired the feeder all the same. I don’t want to be party to a massacre of innocent songbirds.

In search of new material to shoot when I’m home, I found these beautiful blooms on the Mimosa trees out back. I’m not certain how long the trees will carry the blooms. But, you can be certain I will be there with glass in hand working with them while they are here. This image was captured with my 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII. I hope everyone has an opportunity to get some great shots this weekend. You can find more images on my site at http://tobygant.com.

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