Unicoi State Park and Anna Ruby Falls

I woke early this morning looking for an adventure. I revisited Unicoi State Park and Anna Ruby Falls. It’s been a few years since my last trip. Since then my equipment and my abilities have improved. It really showed when I pulled them up in Lightroom. I had several captures that I am extremely happy with. As, a matter of fact one is already framed and on the wall. (An honor normally given to only those captures that stand the test of time with me.) The rain held out while I was in the park. I truly do not remember ever having more fun with my camera than I did today. The tumblers all fell in place. I knew which shots would be the best when I squeezed the shutter. You can see this shot and more on my site at http://www.tobygant.com/unicoi. One of the shots in the folder was taken with my trusty old Nikon D80. If you stop by the site, you’ll probably be able to tell which one it is just looking at the thumbnails. (Although I love the composition, the quality is just not quite the same.)

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