Unicoi State Park and Anna Ruby Falls

I woke early this morning looking for an adventure. I revisited Unicoi State Park and Anna Ruby Falls. It’s been a few years since my last trip. Since then my equipment and my abilities have improved. It really showed when I pulled them up in Lightroom. I had several captures that I am extremely happy with. As, a matter of fact one is already framed and on the wall. (An honor normally given to only those captures that stand the test of time with me.) The rain held out while I was in the park. I truly do not remember ever having more fun with my camera than I did today. The tumblers all fell in place. I knew which shots would be the best when I squeezed the shutter. You can see this shot and more on my site at http://www.tobygant.com/unicoi. One of the shots in the folder was taken with my trusty old Nikon D80. If you stop by the site, you’ll probably be able to tell which one it is just looking at the thumbnails. (Although I love the composition, the quality is just not quite the same.)

Helton Creek Falls – Georgia

Helton Creek FallsSo, we are close to being settled in our new home. We had to get outside over the weekend to get some fresh air. The temperature is much lower than we are used to but everyone bundled up and there were no complaints. We were simply happy to be outdoors. We spent much of the day at Vogel State Park near Blairsville, GA. Leaving the park we noticed a sign just down the highway that said Helton Creek Falls. With a couple of hours of light left in the day we decided to investigate. Good thing the Subaru has all-wheel drive, the narrow road that snaked around the mountain crossed mountain streams. There were no bridges. There was simply road, then water, then road. But, the Suby handled the creeks like she normally does and it was all adventure from there. The falls are isolated. We were the only people there. The remoteness coupled with the incredible sights and sounds made the entire trip for me. I will go back to see the falls every opportunity I can find. As always you can find full resolution images on my site at http://www.tobygant.com/helton.

A Change of Pace

Downtown Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta

My day job has changed my location on the grid. My new home base is in Atlanta, Georgia. There is much about Florida that I will miss. But, we plan to visit frequently with a most our friends and family residing there. I’m acclimating to the cooler temps. I am also incredibly excited about my proximity to the Appalachian Mountains. My family loves the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and we have the Blue Ridge Mountains in our back yard. We visited the Amicalola Falls State Park yesterday. It is an incredible park. The falls are amazing. Best of all it is less than an hour from my front steps. I have posted a few of my images from the park on my site at http://www.tobygant.com/p373132197. I am excited about our new adventure. It will be great to explore some new places.