Day at the Beach

Coral and ShellsSo, we went to the beach over the weekend. It was the middle of the day and the lighting was extremely harsh as you would expect. Harsh lighting will work to capture family snapshots for the photo album. But, with camera in hand, I always want to grab a gallery image for my website. Looking around, I saw an opportunity to get an interesting macro shot. But, how could I possibly get a gallery shot with the impossible lighting and all of my “assistants” looking for shells and shark’s teeth? Easy. I simply sat down in the sand between my subjects and the mid-day sun. My shadow allowed me to shoot in nice even light without using a stand and diffuser. I was able to get several shots for the photo album and some interesting shots for my website. A very successful afternoon. This shot was captured using my 105mm VR micro lens handheld. As always, you can see more of my macro images on my website at

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