Cityscapes at Night

Downtown Jacksonville, FL at NightAlthough my first choice is nature and landscape photography, I must say being captive in a city does present opportunities for creative photography. The cityscape at night brings challenges not faced while enjoying the outdoors. Mostly due to overzealous security guards and local police. Living in a post 911 world, you obviously must be a terrorist if you have camera and are photographing such things as bridges, buildings or traffic. I could go into more detail, but the stories would probably require a book instead of a blog. I first saw this image after being asked to leave a public parking garage by a security guard that he was calling local authorities. It took me multiple attempts before the stars aligned, weather conditions were right, and I was able to avoid the guard. I captured the exact image I had in my mind for weeks. The image was captured with my 10.5mm DX fisheye lens. You can see more of my night photography and cityscapes on my website at


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