Little River Road – Smoky Mountains

Life has been keeping me away from my photography. I want nothing more than to grab my camera and get some shots of anything. Other obligations have to come first for now. Even though I am unable to get away, I can go back in my Lightroom catalog and search for gems from old adventures. I found a gem tonight from our last trip up to the Smokies. The image is beautiful in full color. However, after all the time that has passed when I captured it, I still recall visualizing the shot in black & white. The instant I converted it I knew I had made the right choice. It is stunning. I dare say one of my favorite black and white images to date. And it’s been sitting on my harddrive simply waiting to be rediscovered. Should you find yourself unable to get away for new adventures, take a look in your catalog. You just might have some adventure exploring the past. Image captured with my 16-35mm f/4. You can see more of my images of the Smokies at

2 thoughts on “Little River Road – Smoky Mountains

  1. Hey Toby. Great blog you have going. Checked out your website too. You’ve done a good job there. I’ve just started a macro/photo blog this past week. I’ve not had time yet to load my pics onto it, but I do have a link to my webpage with all of my photos on it. I’d appreciate it if you’d take the time to check them out. I need all of the critiquing I can get.

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