Black Point Wildlife Drive & New Friends

I’d like to first thank my family for the best Father’s Day ever. They got up at 3:00 am this moring to go with me back down to Merritt Island for the sunrise. The water has bounced back nicely since our last visit. However, they could still use some rain. While on our little adventure we came across some gentlemen with a vehicle in the center of the drive. As we approached one of them came running toward us frantically waving for us to stop. I pulled over and my wife and I stepped out of the Suby to investigate. There was a nighthawk sitting in the road. This is extremely rare because it was close to 10 in the morning and they are nocturnal animals. The gentlemen at the side of the road photographing the bird (Ken Blye, Wayne Bennett & friends.), had a wealth of information about the wildlife drive and the animals that reside there. They shared good conversation and their knowledge. It was a truly remarkable day. You can see more of the images at my site:


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