HDR photo from a single image?

The Hermatige - Nashville, TNOn a recent trip to Nashville, Tennessee, I took my family to visit the Hermitage. (Former home of president Andrew Jackson.) From the garden I captured 7 consecutive images that I planned to combine into a HDR image of the home and garden. I compiled the images using the LRenfuse plugin for Adobe Lightroom. The HDR results were incredible as usual. However, a storm had been moving in while I captured the images and the wind was picking up. The branches were moving rendering my multiple exposed images useless. Or did it? I’ve read a number of articles where photographers will adjust the exposure of a single RAW image and compile the “duplicates” to create a single HDR image. It was worth a shot right? I made 3 duplicates of the original and made adjustments to their exposure. I compiled the images and achieved what I was going for. There was no blur from the wind and it had that unmistakable HDR look.

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