HDR photo from a single image?

The Hermatige - Nashville, TNOn a recent trip to Nashville, Tennessee, I took my family to visit the Hermitage. (Former home of president Andrew Jackson.) From the garden I captured 7 consecutive images that I planned to combine into a HDR image of the home and garden. I compiled the images using the LRenfuse plugin for Adobe Lightroom. The HDR results were incredible as usual. However, a storm had been moving in while I captured the images and the wind was picking up. The branches were moving rendering my multiple exposed images useless. Or did it? I’ve read a number of articles where photographers will adjust the exposure of a single RAW image and compile the “duplicates” to create a single HDR image. It was worth a shot right? I made 3 duplicates of the original and made adjustments to their exposure. I compiled the images and achieved what I was going for. There was no blur from the wind and it had that unmistakable HDR look.

Popular Photography’s Photo of the Day!!!

One of my personal favorite photos was selected for Popular Photography’s Photo of the Day contest today! I am incredibly excited. The image is of the “Old Texas School Book Depository” in Dallas, Texas. (I’m certain most people remember it is the site of the Kennedy assination.) For the photo critics out there, I know it does not follow the “rule of thirds”.  But, as they say, rules are made to be broken. When viewing it through the viewfinder  it simply balanced itself with the clouds. It was one of those “gotcha” shots. I knew I had it when I heard the shutter. Please stop by and leave comments at http://www.popphoto.com/gallery/photo-day-3. Thanks for the love PopPhoto and readers! The image was captured with my Nikkor 10.5mm fisheye and tripod mounted D200.