Star trails

I made my second attempt at star trails tonight. (We won’t discuss the first one today. It was a disaster.) I had mixed results tonight. But I learned a couple of things. 1) Stay away from the tripod. 2) Stay away from the cable release if possible. Anyone out there have any other suggestions?

Flight to Freedom – Fort Mose

I attended the “Flight to Freedom” living history event at Fort Mose Historic State Park in St. Augustine, FL today. Not only did I learn a little about history. But, it was a fun photo-op.

Newfound Gap – GSMNP

My family and I recently found an opportunity to spend a couple of days in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park again. We spent the majority of our time on Newfound Gap Road. The scenery was amazing and there was wildlife everywhere. We were fortunate enough to see wolves and elk on this visit. There are more images at