Subtle HDR tool?

I’m one of “those guys” who doesn’t care for the over-the-top HDR images. With that said, when it is subtle, it is a remarkable tool for capturing images in high contrast scenarios. At the 2010 Birding and Fotofest in St. Augustine, Florida, I attended a class instructed by Rob Sheppard. He mentioned he uses a plug-in for Lightroom called LR/Enfuse. I’ve been using it almost a year now and it is an incredible tool. It’s easy to use and your images look natural not cartoonish. However, you can easily change the settings to achieve that look if that’s what you’re going for.

2 thoughts on “Subtle HDR tool?

  1. Good post, thanks. I have been using Photomatix for HDR but have not been completely satisfied. Trying LR Enfuse out now and I like the results so far.

    • I started with Photomatix also. It’s really good software. But, I think you’ll find LR/enfuse will get the results you’re looking for and it fits easily into your Lightroom workflow. Please let me know how it works out for you.

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