Unexpected Falls

I’m not originally from the state of Florida. A couple of years ago my mother requested I bring my wife and children to meet her half way so she would be able to see her grandchildren for Christmas. I agreed and the location she selected was in a small town in northern Georgia called Helen. It’s an neat little German-themed village that happens to be in edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains. After arriving we were looking for something for everyone to do. I searched online for any parks where nearby and found Unicoi State Park. After a little arm twisting I was able to convince everyone to go for a short hike. Unicoi SP is the site of Anna Ruby Falls. I’d never heard of the falls. But, we walked up the steep hill in order to see them. And wow. It was a tremendous suprise. It was a foggy day and the falls were very impressive. I think it made a memorable trip for everyone involved. Should you ever find yourself in Northern Georgia looking for something to do, Unicoi just might fit the bill.


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